Discover and visit Mouries Farm in Skyros

Picture: Danae Christodoulou

Mouries Farm: history and activities

Mouries Farm first started its efforts to save Skyrian horses in 1995, intensifying our actions since 2011 with the creation of the non-profit organization “Skyrian horse breeding and conservation center”.

The small Skyrian horses are a rare horse breed dating back to ancient times which make it stand out world-wide. The industrialization of agriculture and the rise in sheep and goat farming have been detrimental to conservation efforts and led Skyrian horses to the verge of extinction.

There are 65 horses in Mouries Farm, which is 1/4 of the total population on the island and the largest population in the world! We know each and every horse with its name, we live side by side with them and take daily care of them with all our love.

The conservation efforts that started in the past decades have started showing some positive results. In 2006, the Greek Ministry of Agriculture inaugurated a 5-year plan to support rare animal breeds in Greece.

However, financial support for horse food ceased after only the first 2 years because the program abruptly stopped in 2006 due to the fact that when the application was submitted, it was not requested to submit documents for licensing the establishment of a stable which were later on requested. In 2019, after an 11-year hiatus since the last subsidy, started our current program which will run until 2023. We hope that this program will be renewed and will continue to support us and that there will not be a gap of financial support again for so many years, as this makes Skyrian horse breeding particularly challenging for farmers and conservation centers when there is no government assistance.

One of the most typical stories showcasing challenges related to horse breeding concern a very special horse: Elpida. Elpida was born with a leg dysplasia and was in need for an artificial limb. After intense efforts, Elpida got her state-of-the-art artificial limb and is living a happy life! The horse is now with our friend and ex-volunteer Marion Auffray at her farm on the island of Skyros.

Annual costs for each horse amount to 500 euros and cover medical and feeding expenses. Check how you can help Skyrian horses now!

Saving the breed, raising awareness about Skyrian horses across the globe and managing to have the resources to continue our efforts are our most important goals. Our dream is for Skyrian horses to return to their natural habitat at Mount Kochylas in Skyros at some point.

Meet the horses

PS. Mouries Farm would like to express our gratitude to orthopedics specialist Periklis Nikolopoulos for helping with Elpida’s artificial limb for free.

Picture: Danae Christodoulou

The cuisine of Skyros at Mouries Farm

In Mouries Farm, you can also visit our traditional Greek restaurant! This is a very special place frequented by locals, visitors and volunteers. Visit the restaurant to taste local dishes made with love, pure ingredients, organic produce, and respect to nature and tradition!

From vegetarian dishes such as hand-made Skyrian fava beans with onions to stews and BBQ, our beautiful terrace welcomes you to enjoy your food under the refreshing shade of trees!

Picture: Elena Kanaki

Getting to Skyros

The island of Skyros is connected with several airports in Europe and Greece, as well as by ferry from the port of Kymi in Euboea. During the summer months, as well as on holidays, there are frequent flights and ferry departures to Skyros.

Skyros is ideal for nature holidays in peace away from the crowds. The island’s remote beaches, impressive hiking trails and forests, rocky landscapes and springs are just some of the reasons to visit Skyros. The most important reason? Skyrian horses of course!

Visit Mouries Farm to get in touch with nature and its creatures. You will learn about the history of the island and the importance of Skyrian horses for locals, you will get to see how we collect fava beans in June, you will take part or help with horse riding (only for persons up to 40kg on location at the farm) and many more things to see and do!

From exploring the paths and beaches of Skyros to getting to know about the natural habitat of Skyrian horses, there are many experiences to choose from and we can help you experience them to the fullest!

Visiting Skyros is the first step towards saving the rare horse breed.

Volunteering program at Mouries Farm

For those of you who want to contribute even more to the protection of Skyrian horses, there’s a volunteering program taking place every year at Mouries Farm. We welcome you to live at the farm campsite, help with horse breeding and visitors, and we offer you accommodation and food.Find out more about joining as a volunteer at Mouries Farm.

Vacation in Skyros

If you’re planning your next trip to Skyros and you can’t wait to visit Mouries Farm, we can help! Contact us for tips about where to stay in Skyros, what to see on the island, how to get around, and how to have fun all year long!

Two of the best times to visit Skyros is during the Skyrian Horse Festival in June and the Skyrian Fava Festival in July. There are activities for children and adults and it’s really worth finding out more about the traditions of the island.

Give us a call at +30 694 7465 900/+30 694 7093 723 or email us at for more info!

Picture: Elena Kanaki

Important news and campaigns

Island Dwarfism in Horses from the Aegean and the Japanese Archipelago

The research was conducted on the skulls of Skyros horses, which were collected on the island over the past six years by paleontologists Marcelo Sánchez-Villagra (Paleontological Institute and Museum of the University of Zurich) and George Georgalis (Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow). Using modern technology in Switzerland, specifically a micro-CT scanner, all the skulls were studied, and three-dimensional models were created. The research included a thorough comparison with the skulls of small horses from Rhodes and Japan.

The new research provides significant information about the 'island dwarfism' observed in Skyrian horses. The study showed how dwarfism occurred in island horses and how this is reflected in their skulls.

Find the full research at the following link:

Greek Animal Action 2023

In 2023, Greek Animal Action once again visited our farm ! This year, with the expertise of Konstantinos Okkas (veterinarian), Alkiviadis Geskos (equine dental technician), and Anastasios Skyllas (horseman), we were able to examine 50 out of our 65 horses. During their visit, the horses received treatments, dental care, and hoof maintenance. We are incredibly thankful for their invaluable assistance and unwavering support over the years in our mission to preserve and protect this rare breed. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them once more!

Greek Animal Action 2022

Greek Animal Action visited our farm from 4/11/22 to 7/11/22 once again this year! With the help of Konstantinos Okkas (veterinarian), Alkiviadis Geskos (equine dental technician) and Anastasios Skyllas (horseman), we tested 45 out of our 65 horses. As part of the check-up, they were given pastes, their teeth were cleaned and their hooves were taken care of. We are nothing short of grateful for their immense contribution and support all these years in our efforts to save and protect this rare breed. Thanks again!

GoGetFunding 2022

Help us provide medical care to our 65 endangered Skyrian horses.

GoGetFunding 2021

Time to support Mouries Farm! Help us once again cover expenses for our 60 rare Skyrian horses.

Greek Animal Action 2021

Greek Animal Action visited our farm once again this year! With the help of Konstantinos Okkas (veterinarian), Alkiviadis Geskos (equine dental technician) and Anastasios Skyllas (horseman), we tested 40 out of our 60 horses. We are nothing short of grateful for their immense contribution. Every year, they help us in practice in our efforts to save and protect this rare breed. Thanks again!

Skyros Horse festival 2015

Skyros Horse Festival is the perfect chance to meet the Skyrian horse! We invite you to attend artistic exhibitions, take part in workshops and experience special performances focused on the rare horse breed. amazing 3-day celebration is full of surprises! Join us to create memories to last a lifetime and learn more about the unique miniature horses of Skyros.

Picture: Danae Christodoulou