Help save the Skyrian horses

How to support our work
Picture: Danae Christodoulou

Skyrian horses need our support! At Mouries Farm, we do our best every day to provide Skyrian horses with a safe refuge and raise awareness towards the protection of this rare breed.

We invite you to visit the Farm, get to know more about our work and meet the Skyrian horses. Either as a volunteer or a visitor, there are many ways to support Mouries Farm!

If you can’t visit the island of Skyros in the near future, there are more ways to show your love:

  • You can support Mouries Farm financially in 2 ways:

    Donate through PayPal

    Donate through direct bank transfer

    National Bank of Greece account number: 807/480012-54
    Iban: GR4401108070000080748001254

    Piraeus Bank account number: 017 1285 6285149151342
    Iban: GR4101712850006285149151342

  • Through our adoption scheme, you can adopt a horse and provide the financial support necessary to cover its annual food expenses and medical needs.

    For more information, please get in touch with us.

    Skyrian Horse Breeding and Conservation Centre
    Kalikri Skyros, Skyros, Εvia, 34007

    Manolis Trachanas,
    tel: +30 694 7465 900,

Picture: Danae Christodoulou

Our Sponsors

With your support, the support we have received from our the volunteers and our sponsors, Mouries Farm continues its effort to save the Skyrian Horse.
Below you may find the companies that firmly and with a sense of responsibility chose to trust Mouries Farm and strengthen its efforts to ensure a viable future for the Skyrian horses.